About Us

Xi’an BBT Clay Technologies Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as BBT company) was founded in 2015, is located in Xi'an High-tech industrial development zone, Shaanxi, China. It is a professional company of firing wall materials production design, automation equipment supply and construction focusing on firing porous brick, paving brick, facing brick, hollow block, insulating block, wall panel, etc.

BBT takes the market demand as guidance, creates the value for the customer as objective and sincerely provides the project feasibility study for our customers. The business scope includes process design of one or two-time setting firing process; design and construction of kilns; research and development and manufacturing of fully automatic cutting, marshalling, brick stacking, loading and unloading, thermal equipment operation, thermal detection and control system and other equipment, all types of fuel combustion and control systems, management services of brick and tile production technology.

BBT company has mastered the core technology in the design and construction of large cross-section flat-ceiling tunnel kiln, the design and construction of single-layer drying process of two-time setting firing and the tunnel kiln technology of one-time setting firing.

The company faces all kinds of customers demands, taking into account the terrain, output, product types and quality requirements, climate and raw material characteristics, automation degree, environmental protection standards, investment budget and other factors, to create a cost-effective process design and construction program for customers.

Intelligent Fired Brick Production Process